Our Novel Approach to a Traditional Industry

Thrive, FP is a real estate investment firm that fosters communities and real estate investments that flourish.  Our team has a long, successful track record of turning under-performing commercial real estate properties into ventures where investors and tenants both benefit. We serve people within our communities with far more than the walls they inhabit. We make environments safer, save money through energy efficiencies, and connect people with meaningful social services. Our philosophy is that when our tenants succeed, a property succeeds – and when a property succeeds, investors win.

At the same time, we try to present opportunities and real estate investments to our clients that we would present to our own family members, employees, or invest in ourselves, which we often do.

Steps to Success

  • STEP 1: We do homework – and lots of it.
  • STEP 2: We present you with debt and equity opportunities. You decide what to approve.
  • STEP 3: We handle the paperwork.
  • STEP 4: You receive payments.
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Thrive, FP offers prudent investors the opportunity to earn solid returns on real estate-backed investments. We invest exclusively in tangible, income-producing real estate assets. Learn More.


About Us

Our team has a keen ability to identify real opportunities, draw upon our vast network of industry experts, apply top-notch underwriting skills and form best-in-class joint ventures. Learn More.

Look Who’s Thriving

“It is not often that I get to work with a company of high caliber people such as yours. Everyone has been professional, courteous, and about as helpful as is humanly possible…” Learn More.

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Welcome to Thrive, FP

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Invest With Purpose

We offer two kinds of investment opportunities with different needs & objectives: Equity & Debt Structures.

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Why Choose Thrive, FP?

Our Company - We’re a private bank and acquisition manager, and so much more.
Our Process - Debt Investment Program
Our Process - Equity Investment Program
Our Safeguards - Our extensive research and expertise helps mitigate risks.
Private Money Lending (Debt) Program – Participants in our debt program can earn 8%-10% annually, paid monthly!
Equity Program - Participants in our equity program partner with us on purchases of commercial real estate.

What Clients Are Saying

“I highly recommend doing business with Thrive, FP. They have exceeded my customer expectations in both customer service and return on investment.”  — Lise S, Private Investor
“Yea Adrian!  Congratulations to you and your staff.  Hope there are more investments coming on line soon.  Have a great evening and want you to know you made my day!” — Dr. Phillip B, Private Investor

The Thrive, FP Property Portfolio