To us, it just doesn’t get any better than hearing from clients who are pleased with our service and performance.


We understand that trust is the bedrock of any good relationship – and that trust should accrue
over the course of every handshake, every transaction and every new deal,
but there’s just nothing quite as helpful as hearing from other happy clients.

Hi Julia, 

Yes, your team has ALWAYS been wonderfully, quickly responsive in correcting problems!  In fact, working with you and the Thrive group has been the best long-term business experience I’ve ever had!   As far as I’m concerned, Thrive is the best example of a win-win business that I’ve ever seen!  

I must say, however, that my investments with Thrive have been absolutely phenomenal (both in results and in working relationships), and I have no regrets whatsoever about my involvement either with you and the staff, or with any and all of your projects!  I hope you keep on growing and “thriving” for many years, continuing to bring together altruistic investors and highly successful business ventures.  

Many blessings to you and Thrive!


Hi Julia,

I received the check last week via UPS and I am following up with a sincere thank you for your amazing support.   You and the entire Thrive team are just beyond excellence.  I am so grateful for everything the Thrive team provides.

Thanks so much,

Lisa S.

Hi Bruce,

Lilly and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Austin and Thrive FP. I was especially happy to meet you after the numerous phone calls we exchanged regarding the debt deal with Thrive.  I appreciated the assurances you provided and the fact that you were investing in this same property. Thank you for your professional coaching. The reception and the dinner evening were first class and provide a  fond memory we will long remember.  The warmth of the Thrive staff and others made us feel at home immediately.  It was like a homecoming rather than an initial visit.  Thrive FP is a fine company and one I’m sure you’re proud to be associated with.

Many thanks and I hope we can do more business with one another.

Warm regards,

Peter & Lilly M.

We have always thought that you were men of integrity and were looking out for the best interest of your clients as well as Thrive.

You have proved us correct in investing with a leadership team that is willing to do the right thing even when it hurts.

I am sure, pulling out at the last minute cost you and Thrive.

I want to thank you very much for having the knowledge and fortitude to re-asses the deal and to make the tough decision.

Good Job!


Jim Farrar

I have to say – I love Thrive – the culture, what it stands for and the way you do business – leaving things better for all. Thank you!


Congratulations to the Thrive team for bringing this investment to a satisfactory conclusion under trying circumstances. A special “thank you” to JP and Adrian for their waiver of fees ….. a true reflection of how much they care for their investors.



JP & Adrian,

Just a quick note to thank you both for what you and your team have created! Your success with the recent sale of “Mira Vista” is just amazing! You have renewed my faith in successful investing after years of somewhat misguided results with hard earned money. I now feel confident again in building a comfortable retirement portfolio and look forward to future mutual success stories. You are truly good at what you do and most importantly bring integrity to your investors and your team, a rarity in today’s murky world!

Warm Regards,
Tim M.

I was introduced to Thrive FP through an organization called The Elevation Group, which offers education on different avenues to invest. I have been seeking ways to diversify my investment portfolio out of the stock market. I have always enjoyed the returns I was able to produce with my own rental properties, but did not enjoy the time commitment and management I had to invest to produce profit.

After viewing Thrive’s seminar detailing their investment approach, history and philosophy, I called to speak to a principal of the company, and had the pleasure of visiting with Adrian Lufchanowski. It was evident from the first conversation that this is a company of integrity and sound wisdom in investing in real estate. The entire staff is available for any questions and they are proactive in keeping the investors informed about the opportunities. The reports presented about the individual investments are easy to read, understandable, and thorough.

I have been most impressed with the ease of doing business with Thrive FP. The entire team is friendly and accessible. Everything that they said they would do they have done with efficiency and ease, and I am one of the grateful investors with Thrive FP. They have proved to be a very viable substantial part of diversification for myself and my husband’s investment portfolio.

I highly recommend doing business with Thrive FP. They have exceeded my customer expectations. They have been so great to work with! Anyone that would like to speak with me personally about my experience is welcome to call Thrive FP and get my contact info.

Lisa S.


Thank you very much for such excellent service. As old time multiple business owner and investor, I really appreciated the professional experience your company made available to investors. You should provide consulting service so more businesses were able to perform similarly. Of course, didn’t hurt that Thrive FP is outstanding investment company.

Ken M.

Adrian, last week I received my first check for the loan that you and your company helped to fund. I wanted to say thank you. It is not often that I get to work with a company of high caliber people such as yours. Everyone has been professional, courteous, and about as helpful as is humanly possible. It’s going to make working with other companies that much more difficult.

With admiration and a new-found expectation of excellence,

Patrick K.

My experience with Thrive FP has been wonderful, just wonderful. I could not be happier. I first learned of Thrive FP when I became a member of The Elevation Group in August of 2011. A video on the EVG members website, “A Three-Part Real Estate Strategy that can turn $50K into $200K,” featuring J.P. and Adrian was powerful! I was looking for ways to expand my portfolio without investing in the stock market, and what they were doing and what I learned was incredible! So, I decided to contact them. I called and asked if I could visit them personally and both J.P., and Adrian agreed. After a face to face meeting and seeing their operation first hand, I was more convinced than ever that I wanted to do business with them. And I am so very glad I did!

I have known J.P., and Adrian for over a year and I can confirm that they are both men of great integrity who are extremely dedicated to their family and work. They gave me personal attention and went above and beyond the call of duty and followed through with every promise. It’s rare to find a large company with a small company feel that offers such great personal attention. And while this relationship is just over a year old, it feels like a career long relationship. Their professional and personable approach has allowed me to expand my financial portfolio in a positive way during uncertain economic times. I would highly recommend Thrive FP to anyone who is looking for a five-star opportunity with five-star people.

Drew S.

 I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks. Although the first two funding opportunities presented to us failed to close, Tammy and I look forward to putting our funds to work in the not to distant future. We greatly appreciate the professionalism and discipline displayed by you and the staff of Thrive FP in refusing to push a bad position when the circumstances change simply to do a deal. This is the mark of true professionals and we commend you and thank you for it. Our confidence going forward in this endeavor has been greatly enhanced by your approach and unwavering commitment to due diligence.

Thank you,

Mike & Tammy B.

Wonderful, thank you!

And thank you as well for the level of service and professionalism and specificity that you operated under. Very impressive.

Dave N.

Please let us know if there are other equity/debt deals coming up, we are definitely interested in reinvesting.

It has been a wonderful experience working with you guys!

Nathalie W.

We would love to hear from you.

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