Our Equity Management Team

Equity Management Team
Multifamily Equity Platform

Thrive FP offers investors the potential to earn solid returns on real estate backed equity investments.

We invest primarily in multifamily real estate assets in high-growth cities. Thrive FP’s investments appeal to those who desire the protection of a hard tangible asset, often with the possibility of both solid cash flow and upside profit potential.

Thrive FP’s Multifamily Equity Program targets multifamily real estate assets in high-growth markets.  Always conscious of changes in economic conditions and cognizant of cyclical real estate markets, Thrive FP crafts a unique business plan for each multifamily investment based on the potential for maximizing operational efficiencies, cash flow, and long-term appreciation upside.

Multifamily Equity Program

Asset Type We Invest In:


  • Primarily Workforce Housing
    ($800-$1,300 Rents)
  • Affordable Housing (Public-Private Partnerships)
  • “A/B/C Class” Newer Apartments Primarily Held Long Term for Cash Flow
  • Opportunistic New Developments

Strategy Type:

Short- to Mid-Term Holding Periods (2-7 Years), Value-add Rehab, Opportunistic Acquisitions, Premium Properties for Long-Term Appreciation
Moderate Risk
Typically Moderate to High Return Potential

How to Invest

Contact Thrive FP and learn how to add multifamily properties to your investment portfolio.

multifamily equity program

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