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We’re Committed to Your Prosperity

Thrive FP

Building Wealth the Right Way

Few businesses strive to create prosperity for everyone involved.
Typically, they are just concerned with the bottom line.
This is important, but at Thrive FP we have proven that everyone can succeed,
at every touch point in our business — from investors and borrowers to
residents in our apartments, along with our employees.
Our goal is to create wealth and success, with a focus on impact,
where everyone can win.

Total Transaction Value Since 2011

A Message from Our
CEO and President

Our Novel Approach to a
Traditional Industry

Relationship-Based Real Estate Investment Firm

Thrive FP is a real estate investment firm specializing in debt and equity transactions. We obtain properties and deploy capital through proven strategies focused on tangible assets – specifically, the purchase and value-add rehabilitation of commercial real estate properties. Our programs are structured to fit a wide range of investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Our Steps to Success

1. We do homework – and tons of it.

2. We present you with opportunities.  You decide which projects to invest in.

3. We handle the paperwork for you.

4. You receive payments.

Thrive FP Portfolio Since 2011:

Total Real Estate Asset Capitalization
Profit Distributed to Investors
Loans Funded
Apartment Units Owned

Our Investment Options

On the Private Equity side, we invest primarily in multifamily real estate assets in high-growth cities. Thrive FP’s investments appeal to those who desire the protection of a hard tangible asset, often with the possibility of both solid cash flow and upside profit potential.

Thrive Lending is a private real estate lending firm that is proud to not be a bank. We are a group of real estate and former banking professionals that take a common-sense approach to real estate lending.  Our goal is to Thrive with our borrowers and investors.

Thrive Equity Funds offer a unique investment opportunity to invest in workforce communities founded on strategic and mission-aligned partnerships. Middle income and affordable multifamily housing supply shortfalls are widespread, well-documented, and represent an opportunity to access attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Private Lending

Thrive Private Lending Fund
We lend money to professional real estate investors and developers, fully collateralized by real estate

Strategy Type:

  • Short-Term Holding Periods (6 – 36 Months)
  • Low to Moderate Risk as a Diversified Pool of Loans

Investment Objective:

  • Predictable Cash Flow (Paid Quarterly)
  • Diversified Portfolio

Multifamily Equity

Multifamily Equity Platform

Strategy Type:

  • Short- to Mid-Term Holding Periods (2-7 Years), Value-add Rehab, Opportunistic Acquisitions, Premium Properties for Long-Term Appreciation
  • Moderate Risk
  • Typically Moderate to High Return Potential

Equity Funds

  • A portfolio of workforce housing communities
  • Our goal is to enrich residents’ lives while generating above-market returns for investors

Strategy Type:

  • Long-Term Holding Period (5-10 years)
  • Moderate Risk
  • Diversified Collection of Workforce Housing
  • Durable Cash Flow – Long-Term Property Appreciation

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