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real estate investment firm

Serving Our Investors and Thrive Communities

We build thriving communities by putting people first to ensure everybody wins.

Thrive FP is much more than a typical real estate investment firm. Through our real estate investments, we strive to foster communities where all stakeholders can flourish. Our team has a long, successful track record of turning underperforming and opportunistic commercial real estate properties into ventures where all parties benefit.

Our philosophy within our Equity Platform is that when our residents thrive, a property succeeds—and when a property succeeds, investors win.

real estate investment firm

What exactly is Thrive FP?
Well, we’re glad you asked.

Thrive FP is a Real Estate Investment Firm that searches for projects that can make a real impact.

We focus on generating a profit for our investors AND improving our tenant communities for the greater good.

Wondering what “FP” stands for? For Purpose & Profit.

Contact us if you are interested in joining our investor community.

For Purpose & For Profit

Our investments proudly
deliver both.

Proven Track Record

Serving Investors since 1999 with a growing
client roster of enthusiastic investors.

Cultivating Thriving Communities

When residents thrive
so do our properties.

Work Life Doesn’t Get Better Than This!

A corporate environment with fluorescent lighting and cubicles is not for Thrive FP. Our office is a constant reminder of our target mission and provides our team with the same type of energized, creative, and inspired environment we try to provide our residents and the community every day.


Our Mission

Thrive FP cultivates communities and investments that flourish, and in doing so, encourages success amongst every team player in our economic chain. Our team has a long, successful track record of turning under-performing properties into those where both tenants and investors benefit.