Conscious Capitalism – Invest with Purpose

Few businesses strive to create prosperity for everyone involved. Typically, they are just concerned with the bottom line. This is important, but at Thrive FP we have proven that everyone can succeed, at every touch point in our business — from investors and borrowers to residents in our apartments, along with our employees. Our goal is to create wealth and success, with a focus on impact, where everyone can win.

Wealth the Right Way

There’s what you do you and how you go about doing it. At Thrive FP, both matter a great deal.

Below are highlights about our safeguards, our standards, and our company.

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Our Safeguards

Our extensive research and expertise help mitigate risks.

  • We conduct intense research to make sure offerings meet tough, measurable standards.
  • We invest exclusively in hard assets – in this case, real estate properties.
  • We are real estate experts with a proven track record in our industry.
  • We offer a completely transparent process that is available to our clients.

Our Standards

If we wouldn’t present a deal to our family, we won’t present it to you.

  • Within our client portal, we have a data room filled with highly organized underwriting documents for clients and potential clients to view.
  • We encourage questions.  No question is too big or too small.  We strive for each investor to be empowered  with knowledge to make the right decisions.
  • We always have a Plan “B” in case we encounter unintended scenarios.

Our Company

We’re a private equity firm and so much more!

  • Our principals have 30+ years of direct industry experience.
  • Our team has an impeccable track record.   Ask us about this.
  • We strive to educate our clients about our business.
  • We are communications oriented with quarterly reporting to keep you updated on your investments…in a language that you will understand, regardless of your level of real estate experience and sophistication.


Investor Offerings

Thrive Private Lending Fund
Multifamily Equity Program
Social Impact Multi-family Asset Platform

“Thrive is a special place. We are fully committed to serving our investors and our residents. If we take care of them, blessings will follow. It is an absolute pleasure to work with our wonderful group of investors. Each one of our clients is unique and savvy while also being kind and appreciative of our efforts. Working with people like this every day makes my job very rewarding.”

-Karen Berns, Chief Financial Officer

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