Ranked as the best place to live in the nation by U.S. News, Austin has a burgeoning population with an average of 50 people moving to the city a day.  Austin’s real estate market has become increasingly competitive and a lucrative venture for investors.

Another current trend? Impact investing, which is an investment strategy in which people are requiring more than just higher returns. They are more conscientious and selective in where they invest their money, ensuring that it is improving society in some way. Money is proving to no longer be the modern individual’s only priority when investing. According to Forbes, this direction of impact investing has grown more than 22 percent to $3.74 trillion in total managed assets. Now, $1 out of every $9 in the U.S. that is under professional management is considered an impact investment.

At Thrive FP, our mission is to provide just that. Our investors are not only seeing returns from our properties, but they are also improving the quality of our residents’ lives. It is our belief that lucrative investments can still be made while creating a positive influence in society.