Adrian Lufschanowski


Adrian’s career in raising capital started fourteen years ago with a venture capital firm, Elevation Capital Partners. His focus was start-ups and real estate investments. Adrian’s knowledge and expertise in financial markets and investments has added to his aptitude to identify sound start-ups and real estate ventures. For 10 years, Adrian studied the financial markets in depth to identify viable investments, perform risk/reward analysis, and preserve capital in his trading of equities and derivatives. During this time, Adrian developed his ability to communicate and create long-lasting relationships, which helped him to successfully fund these deals.

In 2007, Adrian was recruited to join First Capital Funding (now Thrive FP) as Director of Investor Relations. Adrian helped launch the hard money side of the business and was instrumental in raising over $400 million of hard/private money loans, making First Capital Funding a top player in the state of Texas.

In 2009, JP and Adrian had early identified the growing demand for multifamily housing in Texas and began acquiring a portfolio of 11,000+ units with several strategic operating partners totaling over $750 million in assets.

Adrian obtained his BA in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin. He then received his Master of Human Services in Business Administration (MBA) and Social Psychology at St. Edward’s University.