Jeff Greenberg
SVP of Acquisitions / Operating Partner

Jeff serves as Senior VP of Acquisitions and Operations. He works with key members of the team to evaluate, underwrite, and operate new investment opportunities for Thrive FP. Jeff has been instrumental in acquiring and operating Thrive’s portfolio, which has on many occasions outperformed original targeted projections.

Mr. Greenberg has had a successful 24 year career in the commercial real estate brokerage and real estate equity investment business. He has been involved in the acquisition of over $500,000,000 of commercial real estate investments that included office buildings, apartment complexes, industrial property, land and distressed debt instruments. Mr. Greenberg has completed transactions throughout the southern US in Texas, Arizona, California, and Georgia. In 1988 during the RTC period, Mr. Greenberg represented several large banks and insurance companies to help them lease and sell their foreclosed real estate assets. In 1995, he began to focus on assembling a portfolio of office buildings, industrial properties and apartment building. Mr. Greenberg has been responsible for sourcing, underwriting, due diligence, financing, closing, and asset management of millions of dollars of successful commercial real estate investments. He has worked with both private equity partners and institutional investment partners such as Cargill, Allstate Insurance Company, GMAC, Daiwa, Credit Suise, Praedium Group, Bank of America, Fortis Insurance, and ING. Mr. Greenberg is has a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas and has been a real estate broker in the State of Texas since 1988.